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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning it is day four of the bart strike. there are more cars on the road and long lines here at the buses and the ferry terminal here in alameda. we will give you a situation coming up. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. already a busy commute at this hour. just look at how long your morning commute will take this morning. and we will have some of the best alternate routes. we are live in walnut creek near the area where two workers were struck and killed over the weekend. this is the memorial. we will tell you about the ntsb investigation under way. a public hearing about a possible ac transit strike. what the leaders are debating. and how you bay area commuters
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could be effected. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. here's a live look at people boarding the ferries in alameda this morning. we have seen the lines snaking around and reports in over the weekend. and more people are expected to be on the ferries this morning as they search for alternate transportation. we are in day four of the bart strike. the bart trains are not running this morning. we want to welcome you on this monday. >> that is right. it is monday october 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm maureen naylor in for pam cook. we want to get a quick look of weather before we get to traffic. >> thank you. we do have a lot of fog around. some conditions under career skies. everyone is pretty close here. 40s to low 50s mountain view.
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that is moffett. we will go 62 today. 20s up in the mountains. 46 at monterey. there is a lot of fog up and down the coast. some of it is reducing visibility. we do get some of that moving over the bay and inland. cool near the coast and inland. 50s and mainly 60s. here is sal. pardon me. we are looking at commutes that are very crowded. i think i've been talking a lot and i hope my voice holds out. westbound this traffic is moving along okay but its crowded early. and its started to get crowded at 5:00. you can believe it. once you get on to the bridge it looks okay. but the backup to the toll plaza look at 80 it is backed up all the way up into the el cerrito area. 580 is backed up to the lake
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shore curve already. and 24 is backed up to the caldecott so not easy driving. traffic here will also be slow. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. the bart strike as you heard continues this monday morning. its day four. expect more cars on the road. you already saw them and slow traffic on the freeways. barts board of directors has called an emergency closed door meeting for this afternoon. talking about the status of negotiations. you do know that two people died on saturday. two bart workers. they were hit by am bart train. there is a possibility that tragedy may be a catalyst for helping to solve the strike. >> i think this is probably a good time to stop the fighting and just to get back to work and become a family again. because we will be a family again. >> now though new talks are scheduled, there is an offer on the table. it came from the union. last night barts two biggest unions made a counter offer.
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so far barts management has not responded. in that counter offer the unions will now agree to some of the work rules about new technology. some changes. but they won't agree to work rules that they say could cause unsafe conditions. bart has proposed using electronic systems for pay and reporting. also allowing flexionability and scheduling for -- flexibility and scheduling for times and locations. they would bring barts last offer to their members to a vote sometime this week. many bay area commuters are actually getting on boats trying to get to where they need to go this morning. ktvu brian flores is at the alameda ferry terminal this morning. first ferry of the day left just a couple hins ago. you are seeing a lot of people out there. >> reporter: no question about that. the first ferry boat just got
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here. its leaving at this very moment as we speak. when we talk about the ferries, it is turning out to be a very popular alternative. you are taking a live look at the lines here at the alameda ferry terminal. this line is shortened from a few minutes ago. this line all the way extended to the parking lot. and getting parting is a major deal here. 1900 passengers on sunday morning alone. that is double on a typical sunday. and last friday which was day one of the bart strike 7100 passengers. and that was also more than a typical friday. it will be interesting to see what is the numbers will be like. it will be busy. we talked to some of the passengers before they got on the boat. >> great ride. different from bart. but not as fast as bart.
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at the same point i feel for the workers. i feel for everybody that rides bart. including myself. its just one of those issues. >> i think coming home its more difficult. a little bit more challenging. and i've been taking the ferry for ten years. >> now here in alameda and the other ferry terminals as well. boats will lever 45 minutes. they also have more boats on hand as well. which will help out with the commute this morning. the bigger issue isn't exactly getting on the boat, its finding parks. just from the last bart strike we were at in july, a lot of people couldn't find a parking space or had to park several blocks. if you are taking a ferry especially this being the the beginning of the workweek it might be a good idea if you take hours ahead of getting to work to get here early because
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of the parking situation. >> thank you, brian. time 6:06. cal tran has expanded car pool hours. only car poolers will be allowed in some hov lanes until 7:00 tonight. it just started an hour ago. i-10:from the carquinez bridge. we will have new restrictions. and 680 from the benicia martinez bridge. the same applies to highway 92 in hayward. highway 84 in fremont. and major toll plazas expect for the golden gate. more chp officers will be on the road today. the bart strike is still on but the transit agency is providing flee charter buses for people heading to san francisco. coming up at 6:15 janine de la vega will be live in fremont with where you can find those free buses. stay with for new divorce agreements. we are following the latest
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information about the strike as well as this morning's busy commute. investigators today will be trying to answer questions surrounding a deadly accident that killed two bart employees. tara moriarty is live in walnut creek with the focus of the ntsb investigation that is now under way. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. how did the train operator not see the two workers on the track? how did the two work earns not see the train coming? those are questions thatth ntsb is trying to answer right now. behind me you can see the memorial of candles, cards, and flowers for the two struck and killed by a train. for the past four hours crews cleaned up the scene. dozens gathered nearby for a candle light vigil. those two workers were killed by a four-car nonif revenue
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train. read owe transmissions suggest confusion about whether work was going on along the track. >> we requested data down loads for all the train equipment. this data is limited and not as detailed as we will get from time to time. >> reporter: the ntsb will not confirm who was at the controls but since the strike began friday bart said some managers have been operating trains. they also said the train was running in automatic mode during the time of the crash. bart was training people on the train about how to operate and have the skills in the event of an extended strike. the ntsb arrived yesterday and began its investigation. they will be on scene for four to ten days. and the investigation will take anywhere from six months to a year. the two workers on the track one was a union employee and the other wasn't. live from walnut creek i'm tara
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moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the widow of the last bart worker killed by a train spoke exclusively to ktvu about the weekend tragedy. >> it is just awful. you think they would have had more safety pressures. and when jim was hit, they said it was his fault. because he should have known the train was coming. he should have looked both ways. >> cal osha found bart responsible for jim's death. in 2008 incident bart was fined for poor communication and inadequate invisibility. linda strickland says she does not believe promised safety reforms ever happened. >> it just seems they don't care. life goes on. you know how many families you have effected because of this? >> jim strickland was a track inspector. he and his wife were newlyweds
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of with years. a public hearing set for this morning in oakland about a possible ac transit strike. they will make presentations to a panel appointed by governor brown. that panel will send recommendations to the governor about whether he should call for a cooling off period. union members have twice voted down the deals approved by their negotiators. that hearing is at 9:00 necessary thunderstorm warning at the state office building. happening right now truck drivers are protesting at the port of oakland. last fight we talked to one of the protest organizes who said truck drivers are angry about what they call unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. he said they will not block the port entrances because of a temporary restraining order. time is 6:11 on this monday morning. tonight gun control proposal goes before the pleasant hill city council.
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what it could mean for dealers and gun store employees. good morning. right now traffic is busy at the toll plaza. as a matter of fact its busier than just this. its backed up beyond the mccarthur maze. we will tell you how long you are likely to be waiting. the fog is busy as well. there is a lot to go around. inland temps will continue to be warm.
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good morning. highway 4 i hate to tell you but its not doing that well. it is backed up from antioch and now beginning to slow here in bay point. and 680 is also beginning to show signs of very slow traffic from concord to walnut creek. >> thank you very much, sal. time is 6:14. new this morning a magnitude three earthquake rattled contra costa county overnight. it was centered to miles south of black hawk. so far this morning there are no, ma'am reports of any damage. meanwhile fewer earthquake faults in california have been mapped in the past two decades and some say that could put homeowners at risk. the los angeles times reports only 23 maps have been drawn since 1991 despite an effort launched in the 1970s to study the states fault lines. no maps were made between 2004 and 2011 due to budget cuts. a ban on new construction on
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faults is only for faults that have been mapped. carnival crews lines is investigating the death of a worker. according to the spokesmen for the port of new orleans. they were working on the carnival conquest. he was on a lift that raises workers up outside of a ship when he was wedged between the disand the platform. the mans identity has not been released. time is 6:15. a new budget battle is brewing in washington, d.c.. a 29 person bipartisan committee are facing a december 13th deadline to come up with a plan that both democrats and republicans will support. one thing both sides say they will not do is shut down the government again. we are waiting now to hear from president obama today about all problems in the affordable care act website and
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the plans to fix it. that website has had a lot of problems since it went online earlier this month. republicans are still blasting the new health care law and the problems with those websites. >> its been a fiasco. send air force one out to silicon valley, load it up with smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. its ridiculous and everybody knows that. >> some republicans want health and human services secretary kathleen to resign because of the problems with that health care website. this by the way is the final day of a mortgage relief workshop in oakland. the doors at the oakland convention center open at 8:00 this morning. it will all end at 6:00 tonight. online preregistration is encouraged though. there is still some spots available for people who do want to walk in. its a free event.
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hosted by the nonprofit neighborhood assistance program of america. time is 6:17. we want to turn over to sal. sal was talking about 6:30 to 7:30 was a busy time. but you have seen it busier. >> it is super busy. facebook is kind of crashing right now. and there is a bart strike in the bay area. are the two related? >> i don't know. you look into it, sail. >> good morning, everybody. you know what it is very heavy out there. you probably knew what you were in for this monday. so its not surprising anyone. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. it is backed up all the way out to the el cerrito area. if you look at pictures i know a lot of people are listening to our show now. but if you can see how this picture is different from the one we normally show you, normally the traffic is moving much better than this. right now its not moving very well at all. and people don't have a lot of
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options. get one of the buses or get into this traffic getting into the city. and it started early and i have a feeling it will stay with us for awhile. also the commute as i look at the rest of the bay area i wanted to point it out on the maps here. see where all the red is? the red is especially getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza and all the freeways where there is no normally bart service. when we look at the south bay maps, we don't see a lot going on. we certainly do see a lot going on on 680. as we get farther south into the bay area, we don't see as much. we do see slow traffic in dublin. that is not typical. 880 is slow from 238. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. we have a lot of fog. and now some locations don't have the fog and its a little cool. temperatures last week on the coast were nice. 70s and 80s. now this week 50s and 60s. fog and sun. there is no offshore breeze.
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we have high pressure blocking everybody. very cool. parts of the northwest. very mild to warm here. inland sunny. upper 70s. low to mid 80s. coast 50s and 60s. there is just too much fog this week. areas of fog some is thick, thick, thick. clear and cool. 74 in san jose. our forecasted high today. low clouds and 52. most locations say cloudy. i think concord and livermore are the only ones that say clear. there will be a little low approaching the coast. i think it will approach the coast and just sit there. have a pretty impressive hurricane. hurricane raymond. 121 miles an hour. its expected to head out into the pacific. but if you have travel plans to acapulco today or tomorrow, you might want to talk to your
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carrier. 40s and 50s. those by the coast have been stuck. its squashing that fog. reducing visibility. maybe a little mist and drizzle. 50s to 80s. it looks like 60s. low to mid 70s on the peninsula. menlo park 75. fog, sun with us all the way through the end of the week. that low will approach and spin in high clouds. otherwise a very quiet pattern. time is 6:21. tomorrow the federal government will release its september jobs report. the report was due out 18 days earlier. but couldn't be #re leased because of the government shut down. economists expect the labor department to announce 185,000 new jobs were created in
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september. but they also forecast the unemployment rate will remain at 7.3%. of course that will not include the impact of the government shut down. some federal workers will likely get paid twice for not working this month. several states are expected to allow federal workers to keep the unemployment benefits they collected even though they will also receive their regular pay. states including oregon have specific laws including furloughed workers can apply for for federal benefits. its not clear yet if any californians will be able to double dip. microsoft has pulled an update of its window software. after it caused tab lets and computers to crash. the rta update was pulled from the windows store over the weekend. microsoft has apologized for the problem and says it will be fixed quickly. rta is an operating system for tablets and personal computers. time is 6:22. busy day already.
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the bart strike is still going on this monday morning. what is happening today in the labor dispute and where negotiations stand on day four of the bart strike. same sex marriage legalized in the garden state. what the new jersey supreme court did to help same sex couples tie the knot. we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler.
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welcome back. 6:25. live pictures of all the people out there. day four of the bart strike. the first full workweek since the strike started. these are live pictures. lining up for the ferry boat. and the camera is showing you how many people are out there right now. we have seen long lines out there throughout the morning already. people trying to get on the ferries to get to work or wherever they need to go. now we will take a live look at the roads. would you believe this is the bay bridge toll plaza at not quite 6:30 this morning? a lot of traffic on the roads already this morning. so as you get going, expect another tough commute. time is 6:26. a warning also from the national weather service. some big waves are hitting the northern california coast. expect big waves through tomorrow afternoon. you fishermen and beach goers
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are being warned stay back away from the water. the waves are strong enough to pull you into the sea. there are also some strong rip currents out there as well. same sex marriage is now legal in the state of new jersey. the first same sex couple to be married tied the knot just after midnight. and on saturday jersey city opened up the clerks office for three hours so that some of the couples could start filling out the marriage paper work. time is 6:27. well with bart -- you have people that would normally be lining up to ride bart are lining up to ride free charter buses. and as we head into day four of the bart strike there are movements heading on both
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sides. we'll tell you about the counter offer. its very busy approaching the bay bridge on bart strike day number four. i do want to mention that the busiest traffic now is on 24 and on 80. there is a lot of fog out there. some is making a push inland. last week it was sunny and clear on the coast. that is not the case. but its very low. i will have those forecasted highs coming up.
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good monday morning to you. the opening bell has just rung. they ended slightly up on friday. this could be a key week we expect to see a lot of earnings reports coming out and a lot of key economic data that was delayed because of the government shut down. as the markets open you can see the dow is up slightly four
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points. s & p is up two. and nasdaq up 11 points. we will smile and say good morning, to you. its monday, october 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor in for pam cook. we will get a quick look at weather and traffic. let's start with steve. >> thank you. we have a lot of fog to talk about. there is a little puff of a westerly breeze which means there could be some on shore. a low will try to approach on friday. all it will do is stay offshore. i don't think that low will provide us with anything. 50 to start off with san francisco. high pressure is right over us. even without that west wind that is squashing that fog.
6:32 am
it will still be warm inland. some areas will get into the upper 70s, low to mid 80s. by the coast and by bay 50s and 60s. sal. you can still sea things like heavens look how backed up it is. its backed up to the richmond area on 80 westbound as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound bay bridge obviously backed up beyond the maze 580. 24 backed up before the tunnel gets through. this is one of the worst backups we have seen if a long time. obviously because there are no trains to take the extra people into the city. i also want to mention the bay bridge toll plaza as we look at it here it is crowded as you might expect. san mateo bridge is very crowded as well. the nimitz freeway will be busy. i want to mention happily away from the bart strike we are looking at the south bay
6:33 am
commute. we don't see a lot going on. northbound 101 and 280 and 85 are looking pretty normal. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. we saw the pictures. the bart strike four days old. as the workweek begins, the bay area commute already heavy this morning. ktvu alex savidge is live at the lake merritt bart station right now to tell us about the new counter offer from the unions and what bart management is doing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both sides taking steps to get a deal done here. barts board of directors has scheduled an emergency meeting. its a meeting that will be closed to the public. meantime this morning you can see picket lines remain up here and at stations all across the system as we move into day four of the bart strike with no new talks scheduled between the two sides. workers out here are not allowed to talk publicly or comment on negotiations. but late last night the unions made a counter offer to bart
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management. they said their proposal would allow for changes to work rules related to new technology. that has been the sticking point that caused negotiations to break down last week. the unions are willing to accept barts pay offer a 12% raise over four years but they will not budge on safety proposals. so far bart has not issued a response to the unions latest counter offer. this morning i did reach out to a spokesperson and have not heard back. bart managers are willing to restart negotiations with a federal mediator and say they have been in touch with the unions. again there are no plans for negotiations. striking union workers are out here at the scene. they have it will candles and put up signs honoring the two workers that were hit and killed by a bart train in walnut creek over the weekend. it is an accident that has certainly created a somber mood out here on the picket lines. a lot of workers hope this could be a catalyst that this
6:35 am
can spur both sides to get a deal done soon. live in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. time is 6:34. some typical bart riders that want to avoid driving themselves to work are trying to work out free charter buses. the buss can be found at nine bay area locations and ktvu janine de la vega is live at one of them in fremont to show us how its going. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. seven buses have left in the past hour and a half here from the fremont bart station. we will get on board to this bus to see it is how many seats are left here. it is filling up pretty quickly here. this bus actually just came back from doing a round trip to san francisco. the driver tells me it took about an hour and ten minutes. let's take a look at what it looked like earlier this morning. the first people started arriving here outside around 4:10 this morning. bart is providing free rides on charter buses to san francisco
6:36 am
in the morning from fremont as well as el cerrito, west oakland, concord, lafayette, san leandro, and hayward. bart will have between 5-15 buses at each of the locations. service began at 5:00 a.m. and runs through 8:00 a.m.. but they may stop early if the buses become full. many say to insure they got a seat some got up to an hour to an hour and a half early. >> get up early and make sure i get on the bus so i don't have to drive in and find parking. >> reporter: have you done it before? >> yeah the first time the strike went on. its okay. its doable. i just have to get up earlier. >> reporter: in the morning the buss will travel directly to san francisco. on the trip home some may transfer through west oakland. when you board the bus you almost given a round trip ticket to get back to the east bay. you cannot use one of the buses in the afternoon if you did not use it in the morning.
6:37 am
charter bus service will run at 3:00 p.m. and run until 7:00 p.m.. loading zone will be at the transbay terminal on howard street. the buses only have the capability of handling 6,000 passengers each day. and normally they carry around 400,000 passengers. again bart is advising people to come early if you want to catch one of the buses in the morning. again it runs until 8:00 a.m. but you might miss it if you do not come earlier than that. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. be sure to stay with ktvu and for new developments surrounding bart. we are following the latest information about the strike along with busy morning commute. you can also get updates on facebook although there have been reports of issues with facebook. we are trying to post on facebook along with on twitter. the federal investigation goes on into the tragic deaths of two bart workers on saturday. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us live now with some of the questions about what happened
6:38 am
out there and why a union worker was on the job during the strike. good morning, tara. >> reporter: a lot of people have been asking that question. the answer is he belonged to a smaller union and decided whether he wanted to cross the picket line and he chose to work saturday. he and another worker that are nonunion were killed on the track on saturday. for the past four hours, the crews cleaned up the scene of the accident which stretches over a third of a mile. dozens gathered nearby for a candle light vigil. the two workers were killed by a four-car nonrevenue train while doing a track inspection. one worker was doing the inspection while the other was supposed to be on the lookout. radio transmissions suggest confusion about whether work was going on on the track. >> we walked the accident scenes with the parties.
6:39 am
mechanical inspections are being done on the equipment. >> reporter: the ntsb will not confirm who was at the controls but since the strike began on friday they say some have been operating trains. bart officials have also said the train was running in automatic mode at the time of the crash. according to the chronicle bart was training people on the train on how to operate and have the skills in the event on an extended strike. the ntsb arrived early yesterday to begin its investigation. the ntsb will be on scene for 4- 10 days and the investigation will be anywhere from six months to a year and we are told the ntsb will be providing an update later today at 4:00. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:39. san francisco police busy searching for a gunman who killed a man in the mission district. it happened around 2:20 yesterday morning. that victim was shot in the
6:40 am
back. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital when he died from his wounds. so far we don't know the victims name or anything about the suspect. a man is in critical condition after being shot while riding in the car in palo alto. that happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon on university avenue. the victim was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the driver of the car was not hurt. so far no, ma'am arrests have been made. s california public utilities commission will hold a hearing about a controversial natural gas pipeline that runs through san carlos. they ordered pg&e to reduce traffic after an e-mail raised questions about a quote san bruno like situation. last week the utility petitioned to have the line put back into full service saying tests show the pipeline is safe. a proposal for tighter regulations on gun dealers is scheduled to go before the pleasant hill city council tonight. under the ordnance gun dealers
6:41 am
will need a police permit that is renewed each year. they would have to install an alarm system. there would also be strict rules on where gun stores could be located. the meeting begins at 7:30 tonight at city hall. time now 6:40. still ahead several investigations under way right now in oakland after four people were shot in one night. and we're live at the alameda ferry terminal where we have seen long lines and a parking lot that is filling up pretty quick. we will tell you why this commute may will be much different. and we have much more crowded roads already all over the place in the bay area. 880 still looks good but if you are driving to the bay bridge it is more crowded. a lot of fog out there. temperatures if you are inland it will be warmer. we'll have more coming up. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way,
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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good morning. its joust a mess on highway 24 and many of the freeways leading to the bay bridge. 24 a lot of people who are normally in this drive is safe to say would use bart. and right now its very crowded. your commute is going to take much longer. in fact, it will take much longer than it did even on friday. day one of the strike. so give yourself more time.
6:45 am
let's go back to the desk. you see pictures such as that live one. i will show you why some people are trying to avoid the roads as much as they can. bay area ferries are proving to be a popular alternative for commuters trying to get to work. brian flores is live to tell us how service will be expanded today. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. it has become a very popular alternative for commuters. no question this will be a much different commute than what we saw on friday. we saw a long line just about 15 minutes ago. the one thing about taking the ferry as you take a look at the ferry boat that is scheduled to leave in a couple minutes. the lines actually move pretty quickly. that is a positive. that is probably the main reason a lot of people are taking the ferries as opposed to the charter buses or ac transit. as we go to video from earlier today. you see the long lines out there. they extend all the way from the dock all the way to the parking lot. that will certainly be the case
6:46 am
today. kind of like an accord january as claudine wong said last week. no question ferry ridership has increased because of the bart strike. 1900 passengers on sunday morning. doesn't sound like a lot but that is double the amount they would normally see on a sunday. and sunday is typically the lightest day of the week for sf bay ferry. and on friday they carried more than 7,000 passengers. and that is also more than double the amount on a typical day. >> great ride. different from bart. but not as fast as bart. but at the same point i feel for the workers. i feel for everybody that rides bart. including myself. its just one of those issues. >> i think coming home is more difficult. a little bit more challenging. and i've been taking the ferry for ten years. >> reporter: here in alameda
6:47 am
the first boat left at 6:00 and will leave every 45 minutes. there have been other departures like vallejo their first boat left at 5:p.o. this morning. i did get off the phone with earnest who says so far so good. no problems on sf bay ferry. the bigger issue isn't getting on the boat its actually parking. we saw this during the last bart strike in july. this parking lot here in alameda fills up pretty quickly. if you do take the ferries. and the overflow parking is this dirt lot next to the parking lot. that fills up quickly. if you are taking the ferry, be prepared to get here early just for the sole fact you may need to get a parking lot closer to the ferry. otherwise you will be walking several blocks before you see the ferry leaving. the line moves pretty quickly again the line will fill up in about 10-15 minutes.
6:48 am
live in alameda brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:47. there were several shootings last night in oakland. the police investigations continue. one shooting at bancroft avenue in church street happened around 8:30. two people in a car were shot. at this point we don't know their conditions. not long after that two other people were shot at 73rd avenue and weld street. one man was shot in the leg he is recovering. a woman was shot in the neck. we don't know her condition. the investigation goes on. time is 6:48. we want to turn now to tori campbell with a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning, tori. >> reporter: good morning, maureen and dave. coming up i know if you had problems getting on facebook this morning but i have and apparently we are not alone. there is some kind of issue with facebook this morning and we are working to contact the social media giant and find out what is going on. meanwhile more good news for the 49ers on top of yesterday's win, there is hope their star line backer who has been in
6:49 am
rehab facility for a month could be back on the team soon. but his troubles are far from over. and listening to the protests against pushing out the home lest in the name of urban development. how the albany city council is expecting to react to this issue. all that and more coming up on mornings on 2. time is 6:49. sal, i need to see you. you've been showing us the toll plaza and highway 24. >> yeah everything is slow. you will be able to see by these pictures in case you are just waking up bart is not running and i will show you the picture just to prove it. look at highway 24 its barely moving. and when you get to the other side of the tunnel it is very slow coming down to 580 and to 24. so it will be a long commute. people have simply run out of options and now you know how
6:50 am
many of these people, well, you can see a lot of these people would be taking the train. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge, it looks the same here. but getting to the toll plaza is the big thing. i want show you the road sensor. we just saw highway 24 and how slow that was. 80 is the same. and people are using ashby avenue trying to get around it. but that is not a good idea. let's go to steve. thank you. forecast is easy if you need to get out of the house fog by the coast. 50s and 60s inland. i want to thank mike who keeps fantastic records as you though. we haven't had any rain in october here. so far zero. no rain at all. there has been fog. there has been morning temps. the last time without rain in october was 1980. what does that mean for a season or year in rainfall?
6:51 am
out of those nine were below average. if you were in las vegas the odds would be on a long shot on us having a wetter than normal winter. this would go down as the 14th with zero rain in san francisco. we'll see if that holds. it doesn't look like anything is developing. so again thanks to mike for that great information. for those that say we don't need another dry air, i get it. but so far things don't look good. fog and sun. cool to warm. if you have that fog then high pressure is just smashing it right down on the deck. so there is reduced areas of visibility. 50s and 60s near the beaches. i know its getting late in the season for the 80s. this little low was offering promise for some rain. but it looks like it will meander toward us. hurricane category three
6:52 am
raymond will start to drift out into the pacific. 40s and 50s on the temps. a little cooler inland if you have the clear skies you are stuck on the temps. if you have that fog high pressure is not going anywhere any time soon. its called a blocking pattern. until everything breaks down. we get the fog on the coast. cool temps are warm inland. 80s for some. 50s and 60s for others. there is a definite difference between coast bay and inland. farther away warmer closer to it. a little cooler. and some of that fog is pretty thick. be careful a little mist and drizzle as well. no changes to that low. it looks like it might give us high clouds. and that is about it. time is 6:52. several families have been forced from their homes after a fire in walnut creek. what firefighters say may have stopped the flames. what could have stopped the flame from causing so much damage. and the 49ers would you
6:53 am
believe they are in london? we have the details about their over night flight and how the fans greeted them.
6:54 am
6:55 am
good morning. welcome back. currently the dow is down 18 points. s & p up a fraction. the dow is down 18.
6:56 am
and nasdaq is up 11. we expect key economic data to come out this week. four families in walnut creek need to find a place to live after an early morning fire destroyed their apartments. it happened around 1:45 yesterday morning. at this complex on north pacific drive. investigators say the fire started above the garage. quickly spread through this two story building. luckily no one was hurt. if that building had a sprinkler system, the damage would not have been so bad. apartment building on dwight way in berkeley that was destroyed in a fire last year may be rebuilt. the city council will talk about the possibility if that project should be torn down and if it should fall under the city's affordable housing requirements. as such, the unions may no
6:57 am
longer be rent controlled. luckily no one was hurt in that early morning fire on march 8th, 2012. firefighters say it was an accident that started in a water heater closet. we have breaking news out of las vegas. there are reports that three people have been shot inside the balli's casino in las vegas. a suspect has been taken into custody. at this point there is no word of the extent of the injuries that any of the three people were shot or led up to the shooting. there are warnings that specify where it happened. saying it happened before dawn in a las vegas strip nightclub inside the bally's casino. we will continue to gather information and have more coming up on mornings on 2. the 49ers flew all night and have landed in london after defeating the titans in nashville. san francisco jump ever jumped out to an -- jumped out to an
6:58 am
early lead. boldin had five catches for 76 yards. and gore scored two touchdowns. 49ers won that game 31-17. after the game the niners boated a virgin atlantic flight for london. joe fonzi is traveling with the team and tweeted this photo last night. on board players including jonathan goodwin shared images of the seating. and there was reaction from fans that got to meet patrick lewis. time now is 6:58. coming up day four of the bart strike the morning commute rough. these are pictures of the picket line this morning. this is at the lake merritt bart station. we have live team coverage for you all over the bay area. we will show you the traffic trouble spots and the best way for you to get around to where you need to go. stay right here with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
day four of the b.a.r.t. strike hitting the morning commute hard. and labor talks with moving just as slow as the traffic. the latest move to get


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